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Everyone loves a good story...

If you have an idea, why not tell everyone you know about it?

Visual platforms like film and photography provide us with the perfect medium to bring a story to life. It’s something that I’ve always been passionate about, and I’ve been fortunate enough to help a lot of people share theirs.

Peppered throughout this site, you’ll find a collection of my films and photography, alongside some of the commissions that I have worked on.

Let me know if you need anything.

- JA


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AS A director…

A storyteller at heart, directing narrative is where I’m most at home. My love for the craft begun when I was 12, where I started out as an attic-animator. Since then, I have directed a number of films, which you can conveniently view right here! I’ll grab the popcorn. >>>



I’m fascinated with hearing new stories! Besides, one man’s voice gets boring. After working at a social enterprise for a few years, I became a full-time freelance artist. As a result, I’ve been commissioned for various projects as a self-shooting director and editor. Here are some. >>>



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Capturing the moment…

Photography is all about capturing a moment. So what interests me the most is exploring the story behind that moment. My background was in event and product photography, but I have extensive experience in studio. In fact, you'll most likely find me working in the studio when I'm not making films. I love working directly with clients to capture what they value. But of course, sometimes it’s nice to just do things for fun. >>>





My name is Joe…

There is nothing else that I’d rather be doing. My passion for film was first ignited at the age of 12, following the conclusion of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was besotted with the epic scope of its story, but the technical process behind how they made the series is what sealed it for me.

Finding my interests aligned with a group of cohorts, I soon started to make short films and animations through my teenage years. I took this passion to Falmouth University thereafter, where I acquired a BA in Film.

A city boy at heart, I moved back to Bath after graduating. It was during this period that I started work for a social enterprise in Bristol. Here, I collaborated with local creatives to produce short films, as well as photographing events and artwork.

Now, I’m a full-time, freelance filmmaker and photographer in the city. I balance my time between commissioned work and my own creative projects.

Right now, I’m working on a short film called Among Us. But you might also find me in the studio at Clifton Photographic Company. Get in touch if you want to find out more! >>>



The thing that I value the most is a good story. How someone chooses to tell it is important, which is why I’m strongly committed to telling it right. I’m all about taking the appropriate amount of time to considerately craft it, because otherwise, what’s the point? >>>